Ski Resort Spa

For the ski season, I worked at a resort with over 19 treatment rooms in a luxury spa setting. Here's a day in the life of a spa massage therapist. Due to limited parking on-site at this resort spa location, employees shuttle into work from an employee parking lot. You're expected to arrive at least thirty … Continue reading Ski Resort Spa

Sitting Series – The Monster Muscle

Try this out. Take out a piece a paper and go through your day in your mind. Try to estimate the number of hours you sat today - driving a car, at your desk, on the toilet, or at the dinner table. What was your estimate? The American Journal of Epidemiology averaged 7.7 hours. What … Continue reading Sitting Series – The Monster Muscle


Is sugar a toxin? Robert Lustig lecture Sugar: The Bitter Truth uses sugar and toxin in the same sentence 13 times. He is not the only one. Like kids fighting over a box of cookies, the NYtimes, CBSnews, FoxNews and the Associated Press report on the growing evidence linking sugar consumption and obesity. It isn't just about calories anymore. There is … Continue reading Sugar

Top 3 Goal Tracking Sites

Stickk Internet/mobile. Best: Ability to put stakes on commitments. You can pick an organization you hate that will benefit if you fail. Pre-established timeline. Weekly email reminders. Social support possible. Referee option. Shows successful and unsuccessful periods. Worst: Limited list of preset goals. Not much flexibility for changing weekly targets. No encouragement to exceed the … Continue reading Top 3 Goal Tracking Sites