Top 3 Goal Tracking Sites


  • Internet/mobile.
  • Best: Ability to put stakes on commitments. You can pick an organization you hate that will benefit if you fail. Pre-established timeline. Weekly email reminders. Social support possible. Referee option. Shows successful and unsuccessful periods.
  • Worst: Limited list of preset goals. Not much flexibility for changing weekly targets. No encouragement to exceed the goal set. For example, lose two pounds instead of one.


  • Most social! Easy personalization! Mainly mobile-based.
  • Best: Shows amount of time pursuing dream. Easy to borrow other people’s steps that are pursuing the same goal. Customizable steps. Social platform. Motivating.
  • Worst: Writing out the different steps takes time. Timeline is not rigid or scheduled.

Joes Goals

  • No nonsense! Focused on tracking habits.Only online.
  • Best: Easy, fun, and simple platform. Point-based system of positive and negative habits. Offersthe option of having a logbook. Ability to export data into Excel.
  • Worst: No fancy interface, no social platform. Limited to the website.

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