Sitting Series – The Monster Muscle

Try this out. Take out a piece a paper and go through your day in your mind. Try to estimate the number of hours you sat today – driving a car, at your desk, on the toilet, or at the dinner table. What was your estimate?

The American Journal of Epidemiology averaged 7.7 hours.

What is happening to your body? What does that mean for your muscles?

Let’s talk about gluteals, aka glutes…


Or the buttocks, and the inspiration for these 15 songs. When I was first a student, I was nervous about working with the gluteals. To calm these nerves, I solicited a unsuspecting classmate and gave him a 60 minute glut massage – no shoulders, no legs or arms, just glutes. That is all it took. I was cured.

The reality is the glutes work hard – EXCEPT when you are sitting. The functions of muscles includes extension, abduction, external rotation and internal rotation of the hip joint.

Massage Tip: When working this area you can be less intrusive by working over the sheet or paying strict attention to draping of the sheet.

Two and a half million Americans live with an artificial hip. Think about it. You have the spine s3820-0ending at the sacrum, and two hip joints. It’s the point where your entire body hinges anytime you sit up or down, go for a walk, kick a ball, or bend down to pick something up.

While the Psoas may tighten from sitting for long periods of time, the gluteals weaken.

Are your glutes weak? Grab a friend and try this test. It’s a bit longer, but you’ll learn so much about yourself!

If the gluteals are weak it can result in overactive hamstrings and be the reason for low back pain, ITB syndrome, or runner’s knee. Let’s get those glutes firing!