Ashley was an enthusiastic student that was well liked by staff, students and clients alike. Ashley is a smart and talented woman with a heart for helping others. I do not think there is anything that Ashley cannot accomplish, she has determination, discipline and the skill set to achieve goals, small or large.

Robert Patrizio, Instructor

Precise. Ashley’s massage services were exactly what my body needed every time. While I was doing relentless physical activity she knew where I was tense even before I did. I felt refreshed and better than I was before after her work.

Sean Petersmark, Adventurer

Ashley’s massages were often the highlight of my day. Her technique, rapport, and overall warmth equates to immensely enjoyable experiences. She was clearly well trained and experienced. Anybody would be lucky to be the recipient of her services. I highly recommend Ashley to anybody in need of a great massage.

Robert Jones, Cyclist

Even as a student in training Ashley took time to understand and address my specific areas of concern including sore back muscles and tense shoulders/neck from biking. She is highly personable, attentive, and an all around comfort to be around. Definitely recommend.

Christina Hernandez, Architect